Author Guidelines

Raudhah Proud To Be Professionals : Jurnal Tarbiyah Islamiyah manuscript preparation and style guidelines follow, with a slight modification, documentation APA- American Psychological Association Style. Each manuscript must include a reference list containing only the quoted work and using the Mendeley tool. Each entry should contain all the data needed for unambiguous identification. With the author-date system, use the following format recommended by APA- American Psychological Association Style


  1. Article title

The title of the article must be specific and effective, ticked with font Palatino Linotype size 12 Font upper case space 1 piramida form runned maximum 14 word.


  1. Author’s name and Affiliations

The full name of each author and may not be abbreviated, the name in bold with the size of Palatino Linotype 11, the affiliation of each author at the time the study is completed such as faculty name and college name and email address suggested institutional email and written in Palatino Linotype 10 size If more than one author contributes to the article, please provide detailed information for the author concerned.


  1. Abstract English and Indonesian

Abstract written in English containing the main issues of research, research objectives, methods / discussions and research results. Abstract written in one alenia, no more than 200 words. (Palatino Linotype 10, single spaced, and italic)


  1. Keyword

Keywords are an important part of writing an abstract. Authors should select a maximum of five keywords that are specific and reflect what is essential about the article. Keywords and the article’s classification should be provided after the abstract (Palatino Linotype 10 font is single spaced, and italicized)


  1. Introduction

Contains the background of the problem, the formulation of the problem / problem, objectives, methodology (if any) as well as a literature review that contains a literature review, theoretical basis and other research opinions relevant to the research. Sources of information are designated by writing in brackets: the author's last name and year of publication. It is presented systematically so that an overview of the basis for making this study is obtained and the expected results. All citations must always be written in the APA-American Psychological Association Style format


  1. Research Method

The research method explains the design of activities, scope or object, main materials and tools, places, data collection techniques, operational definitions of research variables, and analysis techniques (Palatino Linotype 12)


  1. Results And Discussion

Discussion is the most important part of the entire contents of scientific articles. The purpose of the discussion is: answering research problems, interpreting findings, integrating findings from research into existing knowledge collections, compiling new theories or modifying existing theories and can be made in numerical form.

  1. Conclusion

Contains conclusions and suggestions. The conclusions describe the answers to the hypotheses and / or research objectives or findings obtained. The conclusion does not contain a repeat of the results and discussion, but rather a summary of the findings as expected in the objectives or research hypotheses. Suggestions present things that will be done related to further ideas from the research.


  1. References

Reference is written in full, in accordance with the references in the description. References only contain the sources referenced in the description. Reference sources of at least 80% are in the form of literature in the last 10 years. Reference at least 70% in the form of research articles in journals or research reports. While 30% is in the form of research articles in books. In writing the References, all the names of the authors are listed and written in alphabetic order and it is recommended to use reference applications (reference manager) such as Mendeley, Zotero, Reffwork, Endnotes and others. (Palatino Linotype 12, 1 space, after 6 and protrudes into. The writing format used in Raudhah Proud To Be Professionals : Jurnal Tarbiyah Islamiyah is in accordance with the APA-American Psychological Association Style format.


More completed about the rules of this writing can be downloaded template Raudhah Proud To Be Professionals : Jurnal Tarbiyah Islamiyah below :